XV International Conference on Surfaces, Materials and Vacuum

17 Jun 2022 Sandra Stevens

26-30 septiembre de 2022 – Puerto Vallarta, México

The XV-ICSMV conference will take place from September 26th-30th, 2022 at Puerto Vallarta, Mex. The event is planned to be hybrid; we will have both the face to face event with a mask requirement, complemented by the robust and user-friendly internet platform WHOVA, in combination with ZOOM. The participants will use an APP on their mobile devices or personal computers to enter the conference, explore the program, and view live or recorded presentations, as well as engage with other attendants. WHOVA will ensure a high quality video experience and personal interaction with other attendees, to exchange ideas and knowledge.

The hybrid conferences are breaking barriers, giving the opportunity to participate from anywhere in the world , so please feel free to invite your colleagues from abroad.

For more information about WHOVA, please watch the following short video: